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As a full-service veterinary hospital, our licensed team is dedicated to helping your small animal live a healthy, long life. Whether you need diagnostic services, routine preventative check-ups, intensive care or dental treatments for your pet, we are your top choice in the area.

Annual Physical Check-Ups

Potomac Ridge Animal Hospital specializes in annual physical check-ups for your dog or cat. We offer comprehensive exams to make sure your pet is healthy. We also offer vaccine programs, heartworm prevention and treatment programs to make sure your pet is the healthiest he/she can be.

Routine Dental Care

Dog and cat dental health is very important. Potomac Ridge Animal Hospital offers routine dental care for your pets including cleaning, polishing, and extraction. We also offer prophylactic treatments. Call us today for more information!

Radiology Department

At Potomac Ridge Animal Hospital, we also have an in-house radiology department that offers standard x-rays as well as OFA x-rays and consultations. Call today to schedule your appointment!

In-House and Outside Laboratory Service

Potomac Ridge Animal Hospital offers both in-house and outside laboratory services. We are compassionate and experienced in providing enhanced care for your dog or cat. You can count on our expert veterinarians for the excellent veterinary services you and your pet deserve.


At Potomac Ridge Animal Hospital, our highly trained team also specializes in spaying and neutering your pet. We also offer laser surgery. All of the routine surgical procedures are performed in-house. The professionals at Potomac Ridge Animal Hospital utilize the latest technology and equipment to ensure your beloved animal receives the utmost care

Intensive Care Ward

Potomac Ridge Animal Hospital offers an intensive care ward for any serious injuries or illnesses. Our highly qualified staff aims to improve the quality of life for all of your family pets. We are committed to offering the best, friendly service for your pets.

Microchip Identification

If your pet goes missing, having a microchip identification system is the best way to locate them. Potomac Ridge Animal Hospital offers microchip placement. We will help to protect your pet every step of the way! Call us today!

Senior Wellness Program

The certified veterinarians at Potomac Ridge Animal Hospital in King George VA, strive to provide top quality care to your beloved pet. We offer a senior wellness program that will help your older pet get the most out of life!

Puppy Well Care

Potomac Ridge Animal Hospital also offers an exceptional puppy well care program for the very important first year. This includes vaccinations and preventative treatments. Call today to schedule your appointment!