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Dr. Dunlap and his staff has taken excellent care of our pups for the last 22 years. They love our “kids” as much as we do. Thanks for all you have done for us over the years 🙂
Charles Taylor
Thank you so much Dr.D! Our sweet Jack Russell (Jack) was hit by a car and was badly injured. The first veterinary office in king george turned us away. However, we took him to Dr.D and he was absolutely phenomenal and caring with our Jack! Thank you so much for your service! Jack is in full recovery!
Jack Kulynych
I love Potomac Ridge and its staff! After I moved to King George from No. Va., they cared for my 3 cats re: updating rabies vaccine and overall care. I also have occasionally taken an injured stray cat to be looked at, including in once case, having stitches in a stray cat's paw. They have always been wonderful and informative.
Cynthia Lawson